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Greetings from Oswego, New York

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Hello everyone.

We finally reached over 130" of snow this year in our part of the country. I will NEVER have to worry about tropical roaches establishing a colony here.laugh.gif

I have raised b. dubia roaches in the past as feeders for my daughters bearded dragon. I found observing insects was so fascinating that I now have a small collection of mantids and roaches.

Being new to collecting roaches, could someone please verify that I have b. fusca from these photos.

I look forward to a new and exciting time collecting roaches.

Thanks everyone!

– Vance


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Hi Vance,

Oh, your roaches are likely hybrids if you got them at a show. My wife's two beardies tear through a ton of roaches, though I personally find the feeders more interesting than the reptiles too. As for snow...me and the bugs don't like it at all.


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