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Seeking high quality, high resolution closeups of cockroaches

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I'm new to this forum. I live in Mexico and so also live among large cockroaches! I also work for a magazine called Sacred Fire (www.sacrefiremagazine.com). In our next issue, we're running a beautiful, compassionate article about a woman's experience with cockroaches in her home. My task is to locate high quality, high resolution, interesting close up photos of cockroaches to accompany the article. As we are a non-profit, volunteer based organization, we don't have a budget to pay contributing photographers, but we would love to give you a photo credit and a free copy of the magazine for your portfolio and to share and enjoy! I invite any of you photographers who are interested in having your photo(s) published in a beautiful (both content and layout-wise) to send me an email with your full name (for a photo credit, should the Art Director choose your work) and any information we could use as a photo caption about the photo(s) you send. Photos must be 300dpi and minimum 5inches across. Thank you in advance! Feel free to send more rather than less, that helps us choose for the optimum layout. rgate@sacredfiremagazine.com

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