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Concerned about stuck Ootheca


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This Madagascar Hisser had her ootheca extended for 24 hours and it started drying up and curling. She couldn't seem to dislodge it, so I gently tugged it with tweezers and the dried part broke off. Now she has been struggling to push out the rest for the last 12 hours. Her insides look swollen and the ootheca looks like it has adhered to her, doesn't it? I just hope she isn't in pain... I will keep you posted. Any suggestions?

p.s. If you look closely you can see a mite in one of the pictures.


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Follow-up: After 12 more hours of her struggling to push the stuck part out I decided to intervene. I held her butt in a small bowl of warm water and rubbed the end with a wet Q-tip gently. After a couple minutes of soaking I put her back in the enclosure. Within 15 minutes she was able abort the remaining 1/2 inch of ootheca. :D I bet she sleeps better tonight...

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