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Rules For Roachforum Calendar Contest

Peter Clausen

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Welcome to the Rules section for the 2012 Allpet Roaches Forum Calendar Contest! We've done a calendar in the past and tested the waters a few times in recent years too, but we often receive a lukewarm response. That doesn't stop us from trying! So, look through all those photos you've taken, pick your best three and upload them to the submission thread soon!


You can only submit photos that you have taken.

You allow the photo to be published in the calendar. Entrants and winners will not receive payment or commission of any sort.

All entries (photos) must be first-time submissions to a Roachforum contest. You can submit a photo that you've posted on the forum previously, as long as it wasn't part of a previous contest on the forum.

Each member is allowed three entries, so please choose carefully.

No watermarks, text or writing on any photographs (advertising).

All entries must be received by December 20th, 2011. Don't delay!

After the photo submission period ends, winners will be decided by one or more rounds of poll-based member voting. (That means one vote per member! Member's attempting to cheat by creating duplicate accounts for themselves or friends will be banned from the forum.)

Roachforum Admininstration reserves the right to change the rules at anytime during the contest, as needed.

Image Submissions

What kind of files can I upload?


What size should my image files be?

JPG files can be up to 10 MB, but files over 7MB in size can cause your internet connection to time out. PNG files can be up to 4 MB. (Most submissions will not be neearly as large as the maximums listed above.)

All images should be EXACTLY 2300 pixels (11.5 inches) wide by 1800 pixels (9 inches) long, and with a DPI above 150+. Photos which do not match these requirements may be disqualified. Please ask if you have questions about this.

Calendar Details (what the finished product looks like):

•100# unlaminated white cover stock & 100# white gloss interior text stock

•11" x 17" (open)

•Full color interior and cover

•White wire-o binding

-Cost TBA

Get Started...

For image submissions (ONLY photos), please go here: Enter Your Photos

For questions or discussion on the contest, please go here: Questions or Comments

To see an example of a similar calendar from our sister site, please visit the following link: Last Year's Mantidforum.Net Calendar

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