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Problem uploading photos

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When I try to upload more photos, I get an "upload failed" message and it says

Used 1.96MB of your 1.95MB global upload quota (Max. single file size: 10MB)Does that mean I have to start deleting photos I've posted? I haven't posted that many at all, and I didn't think my file sizes were too big, but maybe they are. Any suggestions?

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It is helpful if you keep the files size down on the photos. I pay like 80 bucks a month to have mantidforum hosted. Currently roachforum is pretty safe since we have fewer members, but it still has a monthly charge and its share of challenges. Keeping the file size at a reasonable level helps save me money.wink.gif

I'll up the photo bandwidth for members since it doesn't appear that the forum is about to explode with new members, though you'd probably be surprised to know that we do have like ten new members join each week. Most never post though. Lots of reptiles folks, mostly. Too bad none of our regular members care enough to snap a few shots and help put a calendar together. I guess that saves me several hours of work though.

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