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Death's Head Roach eggs seem stuck outside?


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Well, it seems one of my two male death's head roaches is having babies. Aha, I was quite surprised when I saw them protruding from its abdomen last night.

Anyway, one thing I tried to find out (seeing as I'm new to keeping roaches, and I certainly never intended to breed them) was what the eggs were supposed to look like. I found that many roaches actually have their eggs in capsules, but I wasn't sure about death's heads, and the eggs of my roach are visibly eggs. They are white and oval shaped, and although they are all stuck together they aren't in a capsule or anything. So I was wondering if that was normal?

I also found that roach's make their eggs protrude when they are overheating and then take them back inside the body, but about 4-6 of the eggs are still stuck outside the body and have been all day. This won't harm my roach will it? (Although I suspect these eggs will not hatch).

If the other eggs are to hatch, does anyone know the gestation period for death's heads? :D

Thanks all!

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