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Oldest male dubie mating


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Well, the offspring are mature, and very large, 3 inches for both sexes! Good genes. ;)

Looks large :D

Mine are about the same size. I constantly have food in of both fruit/vegs and dry protein foods (cat/fish food).

I think their size also depends on if they're inbred too. Or how many times their bloodline has been inbred.

I bought 300, 100 from 3 different vendors when I started.

I've had VERY bad experiences with fish inbreeding, didn't know if it would cause problem with roaches.

I have convict cichlids that never grow more than 1 inch. I've had a few in there with really HUGE eyes, big bellies, and swim weird...

But yeah, genes are everything in the fish I've kept, so I'm sure it goes into roach breeding as well.

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