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Dubia roach, how many instars?


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I'm raising dubia so i'd like to know how close mine are to adulthood, on google it doesnt specifically tell how many instars, only an estimate of how long they can take to fully grow, which isnt a help since how they are raised effects growth.

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I haven't been able to observe mine closely, but I would hazard a guess of 6 to 7. I originally got nymphs (1/4 and 1/2 inch) and a pair of a adults in October, and the babies that have been born since are now larger than the original nymphs. The original nymphs are now all adults or sub-adults. They seem to grow about a 1/4 inch per molt as it's been very easy to track which broods are which by size. Mine have taken about 6 months to reach maturity, and I keep them around 85 degrees.

This photo is of an adult male with a sub-adult nymph and 4 nymphs just beneath that, if it helps:


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