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The first time I've ever wanted fruit flies started in October. I purchased a few colonies of young Centruroides scorpions and shortly afterwards some very young Damon diadema. Problem that was immediately apparent...even the smaller B. lateralis was too large for them. I went to the pet store and got a small jar of flightless fruit flies. It cost me $8 and lasted about two weeks. I was very annoyed, why did they cost so much and last so little? I resolved to remedy this issue by doing what I've been doing with all my other species, by breeding them.

How hard could it be, they are flies afterall...right?

A week later I had my answer. I took a new jar of FFF and placed half of them in a mason jar with a layer of powdered potato, white vinigar, sugar, and brewers yeast at the bottom. I filled most of the jar with raffia and closed it off with a mason ring over cheese cloth. It took me five minutes to make the mix, and about a minute to get them situated inside the jar. This strain has now been breeding strong for ~3 months and all I needed was a new mason jar full of potato substrate every two weeks or so. Easiest thing ever.

I can't believe people pay so much for FFF when they are this easy to breed and maintain. Heck, you can even use old sauce jars or plastic mayo containers...anything really. Potato flakes, sugar, white vinigar, and brewers yeast is available at almost any food store...the brewers yeast (not regular yeast for baking) may need to be found at a health food or vitamin store.

It's so simple. Seriously simple. Endless supplies of flies. Those of you keeping tiny critters or dart frogs, do it, do it now! :)

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S. lateralis nymphs were too small? Good thing I've got species with babies that make fruit flies look huge. :P

Too large, not small. They are like what...3 times the size of a FFF at birth?

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Sorry, typo on my part. XD

But there are roaches out there with ludicrously tiny newborns.

My ember roach and firefly (RIP) have teeny tiny babies. I'd imagine the Germans and brown banded are pretty tiny as well?

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