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A solution to the hybrid roach debate

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It seems confusing knowing if you have a pure or hybrid species of Blaberus. A few supposed hybrids are sold, and the fact even pure species have a small percent of natural variation confusing novices further thinking they have a hybrid when they don't.

Here's my solution.

For those of you who are experts in commonly kept Blaberus species and know how to tell them apart and what crosses made hybrids, you'd be the most reliable people for my idea.

Buy a few commonly kept pure blaberus species, and hybridize them in each possible hybrid combos and keep your Hybrid stock seperate and label the Tank with the species crossed. Document the growth in photos for each nymph stage, diet, how long it takes to mature, adult size, and breeding. This way, we will have a reliable source who can show us what True hybrids look like, helping us id all the questionable stock sold online and know if we're buying pure stock, or some hybrid combo.

I know people here dislike hybrids but this hands on hybrid experiment really is the only way we can truly see true hybrids, I trust people here, but I have no clue if most people selling roaches online know the difference and what there really selling.

At best you can sell your stock as feeders after your done or as pets most hybrids are very hardy and long lived.

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