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Hey guys, figured i'd introduce myself before i launched into asking questions and posting on threads, so here I am. I am fairly new to roaches, as I started keeping them in early 2011 in small small quantities as feeders for my Blue Tongued Skinks, and then got over the "ew" factor and began to cultivate a colony of Dubias in December 2011. I started out with 5 females and 2 males, and after an infusion of fresh blood am up to 37 females (i gave a few away) and 31 adult (not counting old and raggedy) males. and looooots of nymphs ;)

I recently began to cultivate hissers as well. These are more of a just for fun roach, but nymphs can be fed off to give my Dubia colony a break if it ever needs one. I like Madagascar Hissers to play with too though :)

Right now its a VERY small colony...started with 1 adult female and 2 adult males and just about 5-10 tiny nymphs. My female gave birth last month FINALLY!

I love all aspects of the Dubias and the Hissers (at least after i discovered how to keep the hissers in the bin!). They no longer gross me out. I'd have more of the LARGE species of roaches, like deaths head, but my bf is already at his limit with 2 colonies :)

I'm still super freaked out by the fast and small roaches like Turks, etc.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, and in addition to BTS, i also have Kenyan Sand Boas, a Ball Python, a special needs Suriname Boa Constrictor, an axolotl, and a pain in the butt cat.

I'm trying to get over my phobias of spiders, and love to go to our local reptile expos.

I take lots of pics of my various animals, and part of the reason I've joined was to learn more about the instars of both Dubia and M. Hissers, because I want to mount each stage in order in a resin cast. :)

I also like learning as many random facts about what i own or might own as i can, so here i am!


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