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How many dubia can fit in one bin?

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How many dubia can fit in one bin? The bin is about 17 1/2 inches long and 10 inches wide. Don't tell me a lot...give me an estimated number please.

It really is hard to say... I've seen some PACKED roach bins. I've seen lobster bins where you couldn't see anything but roaches...

That being said, I'm unsure really. I've been researching this myself too... As my bin is EXPLODING in a dubia population. It's insane.

I actually used to have a german cockroach problem in my bin. We were fine keeping the german roaches out of our house... But when I introduced a roach paradise, it got difficult.

But my massive amount of dubias kicked them out. I just inspected the bin, millions of dubia nymphs... No germans. I'm happy.

I have a 38? gallon tub (dark blue storage tote). It probably has a few thousand, and that's with just a 5 sheets of egg flats and about 20 toilet paper rolls.

I'd say easily, I could maintain 10,000. No doubt.

But 17x10 is small. Is it a plastic bin? Usually the top is wider than the bottom. You could probably maintain 3-5,000... But it'd be mega cramped in there. Egg flats would be a must. The dubias climb the egg flats... Giving them more room to spread out.

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