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L. verrucosa and L. subscinta food/habitat question?


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I plan to get both L. verrucosa and L. subscinta and I wanted to know what they mainly feed on. Also, for the habitat, I saw a posting that they need rotting woods and leaf litters. Is it okay to provide them woods and leaf litters from local park/forest? Do I need to sterilize them (woods and leaves) before putting in the cage? If so, how do you do sterilize them?

Thank you! :)

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Mine feed well on apple and fish food pellets. The nymphs and even adults like to burrow a lot. They seem to tolerate more dryness than some other species, maybe because they are so thick bodied. I haven't seen a lot of evidence of them eating the substrate. They aren't necessarily huge feeders.

I like to microwave all my substrate materials in 30 second increments of heating and cooling, five or six times. Seeing steam is a good thing.

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Hi Peter,

Thank you for your answer! I've never used microwave to sterilize before. Instead I always boil..haha but I will try this time.

I have one more question. Would it be okay to keep the Lucihormetica in the same cage with Blaberus sp.?

Thanks! :)

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