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Soft Exoskeleton

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I have a B. Dubia nymph that shed about four days ago and, well, I'll just show you the picture.


I've been keeping my eye on this nymph and am now trying to take pictures of it every day. It has been this way for, at least, 3 days. Well, 3 days ago is when I started to take pics of it, but I noticed it a few days prior to that.

Is this something that I should be concerned about that may affect the rest of my colony? Or is he just a "fluke"?

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I had an adult roach that was softer than normal and took nearly 5 days to fully harden and gain color. I fed him banana-orange baby food and seperated him for a day just to make sure he would eat. He ate and days later was fully hardened and fit right in.

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I had 2 dubia that had this happen, I heard it was from not enough humidity and bad molt. Well, with proper diet and humidity the nymphs each molt fixed themselves and looked more and more normal each molt. The only noticeable difference they both were almost black coloring not the usual tan-brown.

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