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unidentified roach


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im fairly new into this wonderful hobby of keeping roaches, apart from keeping the common species of roaches i have been given a few unidentified roaches, all i was told about them was they come from south african and move really fast.

im not sure what information you need to give an id but if you require any more info i shall do my best to help.

the male is about 25-30mm long with fully developed wings which are a dark brown colour and very slender while the female is around 25mm long and quite stocky and very dark in colour and only had wing stubs but on the end of her abdomen she has a white sticky substance.

im hoping some one while be able to id this specie of roach.

many thanks






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That is one VERY interesting male roach... It looks like Periplaneta fuliginosa but something is off. Maybe it's a macropterous Blatta orientalis male! The female is certainly a Blatta orientalis.

**EDIT- I just noticed you said these were South African roaches. I will still stick to my ID on the female as being Blatta something. She very well could be B. orientalis as that species is found all over the world.

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