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Which Feeder Roach?


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Hi everyone,

I have two adult leopard geckos and a few inverts that I need to feed. I have been using mostly crickets for years, and I burn about seventy-five adult crickets a week on average. I am unsure of what type of feeder roach I should get, and in what quantity. I was considering getting Blatta (Shelfordella) lateralis, but am unsure if dubia are better for the reason that they are so readily available. I can get 250 small dubia roaches for $20 shipped, or 100 mixed dubia for about $30 shipped. Or should I get other species? I am aware of the vastness of the roach world, and would like to pick a decent feeder for a cheap price.

Thanks in advance.

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Dubia will be fine, and if you're primarily a herp person, not a roach person, then I wouldn't advise lateralis. They're very pestiforous looking, and IMO, smelly.

I have a few species of roaches, and lats were too roachy for me!

I'd stick with dubia nymphs though. Any of the mid-size Blaberus species would work, again, if you stick with nymphs. Same either Eublaberus species.

Dubia and lats have the marked advantage of being sexually dimorphic at adulthood as well.

EDIT: I would advise mixed over smalls, as far as getting a colony established.

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