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Shaking roach


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I have a strange cockroach nymph, I think it might be a craniifer or collosus (spelling?) when it walks it suddenly stops moving and shakes furiously, it cannot walk when this happens and if you touch it won't walk or run away. A few seconds later the shaking stops and it will act normal again. At first it was near death from starvation when I got it in a shipment, but after seperating it and giving it lots of food the condition affects it less and less.

What causes the shaking? Is it like rickets or a seizure?

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The shaking would be like if 2 people went on each side of a car and repeadedly pushed down to rock the car, except the roaches motion was so fast I felt it vibrating, it's feet were paralyzed as this was happening, and when the shaking stopped the roach acted normal.

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