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Dolomedes tenebrosus


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I found this a few days ago in my friends basement. It was between the window and outside screen... Apparently for well over a week. It was my payment for helping move some stuff, haha. This is, as far as I can tell, a Dolomedes tenebrosus, the Dark Fishing Spider. I don't know a lot about them but this girl is fairly large and somewhat sluggish. I haven't seen her eat just yet but I'm hoping she takes a roach soon. Pretty looking, if you ask me.


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I need to re house it so it has a better terrestrial setup. Also the basement was not flooded but it's in the woods with a creek about 300 yards off. It's a damp area though so that would likely explain it. I used to find these at the local lake when I was a kid, they made great bait for bass. Lol.

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I kept an adult female once. She adapted to captivity easily and was very pretty, but I released her after she made an egg sac. I've never seen one far from a stream either.

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