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Strange Dubia

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sorry it wouldnt let me upload the pictures directly

I pulled this one out of one of my grow out bins last week or so

It appears to have molted or somewhat molted to an Adult

but I cant figure out whats going on with it I have a somewhat large colony and this is the 1st time ive seen it

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Ill see if I can find it again I forgot what bin It was put in lol but the abdomen is a wreck looks like it fell down a few flights of stairs

the reason I think it molted is because of the shine and color they get once they become adults

the size didnt play into my thinking because I have a ton of xxl nymphs that are bigger then other adults

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im almost tempted to seperate them and selective breed but I just dont have the room

it cant be from being inbred we have about 15 different blood lines and we add in new blood 4-5 times a year

theres alot of strange coloring going on with some of the females mostly markings on the pronotom and some of the males are extremely large Im wondering if

somewhere along the lines there were hybirds mixed in

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