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mite predator


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Did you raise larva or start a colony from adults? How did you keep them what where there captive requirements? I normally just dump a bunch on my rose bushes i have never tried to keep them in a tank before so i wasnt sure if it would work or not.

Just curious thanks

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Larva to adults. I had them in a plastic tank with branches from rose bushes with aphids. I had to mist the cage daily with water. If they are not fed enough they cannibalize. I only did it once, I too now only release them outside it was hard work raising them captive.

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I have a couple of tubs i keep pretty moist so i thought i would try a few ladybugs to see how they do.

I have only ever released them outside before and then i opened the container and dumped them out right away.

I opened the ladybug tub and proceeded to tap the side to knock some out they crawled out in every direction others immediately took flight.

it was far from my proudest moment and another reason against ladybugs for mite control.

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