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Grandiose Roach Dream. . .

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Roach Conservatory: Large roach museum with beautiful living displays of all kinds of roaches.

The entrance features a giant bronze roach sculpture that people can play on.

Red light rooms where nocturnal roaches are out during the day so people can see them. Specially designed displays that allow people to see burrowing roaches.

An interactive room where kids can put together a giant 3D roach puzzle consisting of basic roach anatomy.

A movie room for a looped documentary on roaches.

A giant walk-through roach where you walk through the inside of a roach and learn about all of the parts of the roach anatomy.

"Wranglers" with roaches that can be held by visitors.

A large botanic garden people can walk through and see day-active roaches out on plants. A cave set-up so people can see them active in a cave.

A separate display room of "What eats roaches" - Tarantulas, Mantids, Reptiles, Bats.

A room devoted to Roach Art: paintings, sculptures, etc.

Roach Gift Shop: You can buy the roaches that have been bred in the museum. A special section devoted to roach care selling substrate, bucket cages and Sterlite cages, vaseline & teflon tape. Another section selling what eats them. There would also be books, coffee mugs (of course!), T-shirts, etc.

Roach coffee shop/snack area: People can eat specially prepared roaches (I wouldn't want to eat them but the U.N. would love this!)

I could go on and on. . .

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Oh Nooooooo! Sorry about not being more clear. . . It's my DREAM :)

Not real - don't we WISH!!

I'll get the ground broken on this project when I win Powerball!

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