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Dried bananas


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I uncovered a couple old (passed best by date) bags of dried bananas and plantains in the cabinet. Boths are lightly salted. Would that salt be a bad idea or not terribly significant? Mainly they would end up in with the orange heads.

I would prefer something eat them, I certainly won't - there's few common foods nastier than bananas...

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There's some salt already in the foods I use in their food mix - the chick starter and cat food has some, fish flakes and alfalfa has small amounts towards the bottom of the ingredient list.

It's probably not a big deal, since some people toss in all sorts of things that have more salt. I was simply considering grinding it up and adding it into their food at some feeding times to give their food some variety. I like to grind stuff up, btw, because the 1-2 instar nymphs seem to eat well that way.

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