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Hello from Arizona!


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We're a small education/fun group out in Tucson, Az. Among the other creatures we have as our pets and ambassadors, we just recently obtained a pair of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and a pair of Giant Cave Roaches. These cool bugs are both pets and their extra progeny will be feeders for our handful of insectivores. After all, waste not, want not, right?

Found the community while we were looking for further information about the Giants, and figured this would be a good place to join to make our lives a little easier.

Question right off the bat:

We've owned Hissers before with no trouble, but this is our first time with the Giants and using any of our roaches as feeders. I've been looking for a good protein source for both species, but especially the Giants. I saw that using cat or dog food was a big no-no if you’re feeding them off, because of the unknown crud it can carry into your insectivores. If this is the case, what is another good protein source that won't go bad quickly like meat would?

Ideally, I'm looking for easy food sources that people would have in their kitchen or pantry already. We use these animals as examples of easy pets for people who don't have the space for a snake or lizard, but want something more than a mouse or gerbil. I'd rather not simply refer them to premade foods that they'd have to buy.



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Welcome. I don't think anyone knows for sure the nutritional requirements of a roach. I feed high protein cat food for feeding to lizards. Ithink that will be just fine. I think the giants are a little more delicate and need more vegetables though than the average roach. What kind of insectivores do you have ?

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I realize that it's not an exact science- that's why I'm asking for help. ^_^

As for insectivores, we currently have a Spiny Desert Lizard, an Arizona Desert Tarantula, and a Tri-color borrowing scorpion. We'll also be getting a centipede soonish, as well as debating our next lizard- don’t know if it will be a beardy, or something random. Of course, we never know what will get dropped off on us either.

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Chuckwallas were some of my favorite lizards as a kid, and I'd love to get one for the group!

We've decided on a Day Geko and a Tokay Geko for our next adds.

So, we need high protein and calcium food for the roaches. I actually made a batch of veggie mash last night as well as some dry food. We'll see how they like it.

Still no comments on a good protein source?

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