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Giant Peppered Roach & Polymorphic Roach

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Funny you should ask about sexing cockroaches. I was just researching that yesterday :). Here is a website that tells how to sex cockroaches. I think you sex the peppered roaches the same way as the Blaberus genus. Here is the website: https://www.sites.google.com/site/cockroachcare/xz--how-to-sex-cockroaches

Not sure about the humidity and temperatures, for I have not yet acquired this species.

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I can tell you about the polymorphic roach....I found them under a sheet of plywood very close to Miami's Design District.

I kept them on coco fiber, cypress mulch, dirt from outside, and just plain leaflitter...they did fine on all substrates ate everything including the paper on cans of dog food.

I kept them inside in a room about 80-85 outside in a shed or inside with a flood lamp to make a hotspot...they did fine in all cases.

They are pretty tuff and should have no problem breeding....if you keep them in your room you will get to hear the sound of roach rain..

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