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need to worry about foods that expand when wet?


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I'm looking to change my dubia roaches food. Right now we feed ground up dog food and water crystals. One thing I keep wondering about is what happens to food that expands when wet, after it is fed dry. Like rice, oats, instant potatoes, ect. I'd hate to mix these kinds of things in their food and end up with exploading roaches stomachs or something.

One option is to get the mix saturated with water and then feed it wet. But I imagine it'll make a mess pretty fast and probably need to be changed every day. I have been experimenting with adding cinnamon and vinegar to help with mold in some wet foods, but i haven't done it long enough to risk the big colonies with it, and it doesn't seem to work very well anyway. Instead of molding in one day, it molds in 2 days, which isn't really good enough.

I also have lots of wheat bran around. Not sure how good that is for them. If anyone knows of a scientifically proven recipe that gives them optimal food, I'll like to hear about it.

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just in case anyone reads this, I am no longer using the vinegar/cinnamon food. I started having some females prolapse and I think it was probably the vinegar killing them. I just didn't want anyone to read this down the road and try it.

Yeah vinegar is pretty strong. Insects are small and fragile. Glad you stopped.
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