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I was adding water to my firebelly newt enclosure and saw numerous tiny insects/creatures climbing up the glass as the water level rose. They were pale gray, and too small to distinguish any detail.

(the terrarium has a water side and a "land" side (aquarium gravel with numerous plants- peace lily, some succulents, all sorts of random junk that I pick up- who knows what little organisms have hitched a ride)

Anyone think these might be springtails? Should I try introducing them to a group of roaches?

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Definitely have a hoping motion- they skip across the top of the water.

I captured 2 of them in a jar. If I have time tomorrow, I will try to look at them under a microscope at school. If they don't hop away!

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To make sure they don't escape, freeze them or at least get them really cold (if you don't want to kill them). That slows down their metabolism so you can view them easily.

You know... you think I would have tried that. D'oh. Snow day tomorrow. It'll be quieter and I can do my own stuff without all the students. I also get to get my new colony of B. dubia settled in :-)

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