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Out & About (warning some spider pics inside) :D

Tongue Flicker

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I was about to get a pair of adult axolotls today from my local pet mall but they were out of stock, to my dismay. So i went home disappointed with a week supply of superworms & crickets, a pack of laterite, a bottle of malachite green, a big bag of wood shavings and a glass enclosure for my new tarantula at hand. Better luck next time! Lol

Tiger Lily re-housed since she obviously doesn't like it moist and kept stilting all night




I took a photo of my 3-year old betta, Mr.fishy, on a bowl while sterilizing his tank.


Of course this day won't be complete without the antics of my golden skinks. Ursula and gang doing a boss monster attack simulation. Whoever said role-playing games are just for humans? Lol


My alpha female Ursula lazying on a hot afternoon


Axolotls just you wait!!

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