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Are these G. oblongonota crossed with X? possibly Flat-horns???

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Take a look at the ones I circled. Most do look like wide horns, but a few look very flat and darker. I got them as smaller nymphs from someone on the site as wide horns and they also sold me a group of Flat Horns, so I wonder if either some got mixed in, or they are actual hybrids. Unfortunately these guys don't look exactly like the Flat Horns I got, those do look more pure linage. Here are some more close ups of what are supposed to be G. oblongonota zoomed in...





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As long as I know Gromphadorhina and Aeluropoda do not hybrid.

Have you ever seen Wide Horns that look flat and are shorter/wider than the others in pure linage? The second pic down looks very much like an Aeluropoda nymph, except the stripes on the shoulder area are the white / off white instead of a redish color.

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Recently molted nymphs are flat so that's probably the case with your specimens.

That's exactly what's going on. I have G oblongonata hybrids and pure, yours look exactly like pure stock. Once they eat and fatten up they all look the same.

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