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Young hissers dying everyday


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Hi all,

I have a small hisser colony about consists about 100 hissers.

This colony used to be bigger before the green fungus attack 1 month ago.

Due to poor ventilation with high temp, fungus attacked this colony.

now they are living in clean habitat with good vent.

The thing is, hissers are keep dying every day especially 1~2 inch hissers and i do not see any nymphs in the colony now.

Also, habitat smells really bad even though temp and humidity are under control.

I'm guessing that they are dying because of fungal infection.

what can i do for them at this moment ? it is very sad watching them dying.

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I have no experience with Hissers or fungal attacks, but IME the best thing to combat bacterial and fungal pathogens is to set up a defense with good bacteria. The good microbes are what keep the bad ones in check. Have you tried using bioactive substrate? Two inches of healthy dirt should do. Hopefully someone can chime in that has more experience with this.

Edit: This might also be a good start to vary the diet. http://www.sterishoe.com/foot-care-blog/toenail-fungus-treatments/10-foods-for-an-antifungal-diet/

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Most animals have important microfauna within their digestive systems to aid in digestion and to provide nutrients the body is incapable of producing on its own. It's quite likely that the fungus produced antibiotics that killed off the microfauna and your roaches are dying off as a result. If this is the case, you can provide them with a clean source of roach feces and it may help them to recover. Many wood-feeding roaches need to feed on frass as they molt in order to recover their microfauna as all insects shed the internal lining of their exoskeleton when molting.

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