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New to hissers, and the forum.

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Hi there!

About two weeks ago I picked up ten juvenile hissers (all about the size of a small grape) up from a local insect place at the behest of my 4 year old son.

We had stopped in to do a spider/bug tour and he fell in love.

I have done some basic research off and on in the past as I always thought they were interesting but now that I have them I am realizing that most of the info pages I have found are geared towards people raising them as a food source for other animals, not as pets.

I was wondering if this is common or matters much.

Any super basic tips or websites you can point me to?

So far I have them in a two gallon glass jar with a meshed lid, coconut husk for substrate and some clean driftwood to hide and crawl on.

I have been keeping the temp at 78-82 and the humidity at around 80.

They seem happy....as far as a cockroach can show happiness I guess...they eat well (mix of cat food and fresh fruit/veggies) and always seem pretty active when I peek in at them...several have already molted once.

Am I overthinking this?

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Care sheets geared towards raising them as feeders still show you the care requirements for these guys but it's really simple care anyway you just throw some dirt in a container add a hiding place and supply food and moisture and make sure your container is escape proof and won't get too cold. So your care sounds really good these guys are super easy pets anyway.

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