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Good sites for cockroach taxonomy?

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I've been trying to do some more in depth research on cockroaches lately, but haven't found many good sites. Obviously there is the forums, which have helped me immensely, but I'm looking to find out about what characteristics set roaches apart from each other (i.e. Differences between blatta/parcoblatta, blaberus/eublaberus, what makes a polyphagid a polyphagid). I've found a few taxonomy sites such as species files and others, but all I can seem to find is a bunch of works cited that lead nowhere. It would also be great if there's a way to find the writings/journals of guys like sausserei, whose names seem to pop up in taxonomy sites.. Maybe i just don't know how to use the sites properly, but if someone could steer me in the right direction of some good research/files/journal writings, I'd greatly appreciate it :)

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These are awesome reads :) thank you! Amazing how such small differences in body structure seperate species. Very cool. The Xestoblatta are so cool looking, never heard of those. I like what roachbrain is onto with listing who is currently culturing what species. All very good info.

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