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food experiment (to complete pannaking22)


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I found a food experiment made by G. DUPRE. But for once, it's writing in french... :-)

I give you the links for it:

- the leaves of differents tree. + savage plants : p13-16


- the fruits p2-8


- the vegetables p 3-10


-dry food and some more p11-21


To help you a little:

OO eat totally after 48h

O eat but not totally after 48h

N not eating

nothing in case: not observed: not enough cockroaches piece to test recipe.

If you have probleme with the tranlation of a food recipe: ask me, if I can help you, with pleasure.

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Whoa, that has a ton of information! Thanks for posting it! :) Can't wait until I have more time to look through it later tonight! I still need to get all my notes together, but I think between this post and the thread I started we'll have covered all the basics (and then some!) for all the keepers starting out and wondering what foods to feed their roaches.

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