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Wet dog food/E.distanti


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I know dry dog food is pretty standard for roaches. Mine have never gone for it much.

I buy wet dog food, specifically Merrick, for my blue tongue skink..and I tried it for my Eublaberus distanti and they seemed to love it. Does anyone know of any reason not to use this more often for my Eublaberus and Blaberus?

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I have heard people say that too much mammalian protein can be hard to break down, but most of us here use dog food in some way. I would say as long as it's part of a varied diet it should be fine, but don't leave enough in to create leftovers, bad bad diseases can result from contact with rotten meat, let alone the smell.

All the best from Bill. :D

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I'd freeze it in cubes, mixed with fruits and veggies, just like I do for my bluey.

I only have one bluey so the cubes can get a bit old since he only eats one a week, and if I could feed some to my roaches then I'd be able to renew the stuff more often.

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