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Ventilated lids...

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Are these made with your 3D printer, or were they turned on a lathe?

3D printed, but the principle is simple. Any round thing with a slight interior taper will do the same thing. You could use a lathe, or a hole saw (with lots of filing and sanding). A piece of plywood would work fine if you use a coping saw to cut the hole with a taper, or you could laminate pieces of corrugated cardboard with decreasing hole sizes for the taper...many methods/materials are possible.

This was a spur of the moment project, determined by current needs and the containers I have on hand.

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If you're using mason jars meant for canning (pretty cheap at any Walmart), simply replace the steel sealing disc with fine plastic canvas used for needlepoint.  This'll keep all but the tiniest critters contained.  I've used it for slings as small as 1/8".  For smaller critters, I cut a circle of cheesecloth or other breathable fabric and put on top of the plastic mesh until they've grown a bit.

For bin enclosures, I cut holes with my hot knife (box cutters are far too dangerous to cut thick plastic with, but a hole saw will work well if you don't have a hot knife) and stick in round tab vents.  Even if you don't cut perfectly, there's a decent 1/4" or so lip that helps cover up imperfections in your cut.

I'll try to add pics tomorrow if I remember to get batteries for the camera.  My cell phone is from the dark ages and takes worthless photos.

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