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Beetle Jelly for Isopods?


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So it would basically just be a water source?

No, it would provide food, but the only food isopods require is decaying leaves. Everything else (including the jellies) are just supplements.

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Seems like a nice bonus for them. So I had heard you can make a basic beetle jelly with apple juice over ripe banana and brown sugar. Makeing jelly is easy and fun. The only tricky thing is measurements but recipes are easy to find. It would be best to juice your own apples so you can add the pulp back in but thats optional and molasses would be more nutitious then sugar but i havnt tried that yet. As a bonus to being bug food its tasty for people to. Lol

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Supplements are always good, adds a few more vitamins they wouldn't normally get.

My question was based on the fact that I have only one species of beetle now, and they don't really eat jelly. Also, I rehomed most of my roaches, so now I have tons of jelly and few animals to feed it too. The isopods will be happily spoiled. :D

That's a cool idea about making your own jelly. But yeah, that stuff sounds yummy!

I've often thought about tasting the packaged beetle jelly . . . they smell good and look like the jelly that is sold in Asian grocery stores for human consumption. I wonder if any of our members have slurped some down. :P

Thanks for the thoughts you two!

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