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gorgojos chinos


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So first thing is i wouldnt anounce to any officials they are for medicinal purposes if asked they are pets, research, gift for friend etc. Also i dont think the US considers any insect medicinal so your pretty safe.

Second thing is can you tell us/me the latin name of this spieces i tried to look them up its interesting I only found one pic of an actual weevil. Most pics were of peanut beetle, lesser mealworms, and confused flour beetles.

I would love to know more about these critters im into eating bugs lol

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I've not been able to find a latin name anywhere nor been able to verify if they are a true weevil. There are label as "Chinese Weevil" in Spanish "Gorgojos chinos". Used in alternative medicine to treat all kinds of ailments from asthma to cancer to pain management.

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You're going to have a hard time importing any sort of weevil into the US legally unless you're affiliated with a lab and have the time and money to get all of the proper permits. All weevils feed on some kind of living plant material or seeds, so they're automatically considered pests or potential pests.

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