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Removing roaches from bedding- idea

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There's an insect collection method where you place a large funnel over a jar, put a big scoop of insect-filled dirt in the funnel, and shine a big light at the top. As the soil dries out, the bugs crawl deeper into the soil, and you take the top layer of bug-less soil off to expose more of it until the bugs eventually crawl out the bottom of the funnel and end up in the jar. 

Would this be a viable method for removing small nymphs from bedding when the tank needs to be cleaned out? It might take a while, but it would probably be very effective. 

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I like the idea, but I think it would depend on what species you're using this for and what sort of makeup you have for your substrate. If there's a good amount of coco fiber or something equally loose and powdery, that's pretty much all going to do down with the nymphs. That will at least sort out some of the larger stuff though and it's relatively easy to pick through coco fiber (again, depending on the species). You'd probably have to check frequently to make sure none of the nymphs are getting too dry or get trapped somehow. 

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