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Mussel Shells


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I have some extra mussel shells from when I did a survey this past summer and I was thinking of adding them to a couple roach and isopod enclosures to give them easy access to calcium and other minerals. Think that would be alright? I'd give the shells a very good cleaning first before putting them in. 

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I'd suggest boiling them to be sure there's no salt or contaminants on them, but they should be fine. At worse, they won't really do anything. The roaches will probably like hiding under them, and if you're really lucky, they'll nibble off all the outside and leave you with the pretty mother-of-pearl inside. 

I have deer bones in my death's head roach enclosure. Mostly because I thought it would be cool to see these big black Jack-O-Lantern roaches sitting on bones, but also as hiding places and calcium. 

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