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Free egg crates & more


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I just wanted to issue a public thank you to the person that suggested Big Boy restaurants as a source of free egg crates. I can't seem to find the original post now, but I can confirm the suggestion. After a week of phone calls between managers, the restaurant just okayed my request for their left over egg crates. I picked up a stack of about 30 last night, and the manager assured me there would be that many or more in another 3-4 days. All free! Thank you whoever you are!

Though not egg crates, the cardboard trays that apples sit on at the grocery store (most are purple) are great for small roaches. The grocery stores around here don't care if you take the empties. Also, the empty tubes from the plastic produce bags make great hides for the little roaches. My B. lateralis and P. australasiae love them.

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