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Little kenyans

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There fun to look at super tiny, don't move too fast.
I am raising ~30 nymphs in a 16 oz deli container seems perfect. 1 1/2"coco fiber some dead wood and leaves on top.They burrow but stay close surface. I'm keeping them at like 75-80 degrees, mist the container every other day. Bottle caps with roach chow and water crystals, the occasional small piece of veggie or fruit. Hope they grow fast and make babies soon so I can give some better advice:D

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I have a good number in a shoe box now and they seem to be doing well. I toss in protein and produce once a week and it's appreciated. Fish flakes and apple seem to be the favorites, though everything disappears over time. They don't seem to eat the leaf litter as much as other roaches, but at the very least I think the nymphs appreciate all the extra hiding spots. I have a small piece of bark in there too that seems to be the popular spot because all the females and a good number of nymphs will hang out on it. Room temp should be fine, bump it up a little more and they'll really get going. I mist once a week as well, but with how I set up my shoe boxes they tend to hold humidity pretty well and I don't have worry about frequent mistings. 

Out of curiosity NeverLift (and anyone else with this species), do you have a major male/female skew in your colony? Mine is skewed ridiculously towards female (~1 male/35 females). I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that that isn't normal lol. 

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