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Eating A Giant Deep Sea Isopod (Bathynomus sp.)

Guest Acro

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I stumbled on these three videos, where a guy (and his friends) catch Giant Deep Sea Isopods.  In the first video listed, he eats a Giant Deep Sea Isopod.




I have several thoughts on these videos:

1)  I don't like how he and his friends treat and handle the animal(s), seems disrespectful and unkind, although I'm ok with him eating one of them.

2)  I find it suspicious that each Giant Deep Sea Isopod is found by a canal . . . in Florida . . . on land . . . three times!

3) I wish they placed those Giant Isopods in an aquarium and tired to keep them for a little while.  Likely, they would have died, but it would have made and interesting experiment (and video).

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Guest AlexW

I mostly agree with you, I watched a bit of the first one and it was quite sensationalized (in a bad way) and seemed like a publicity stunt.

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