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Danger level of meloids?

Guest AlexW

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I understand that at least some meloids can blister skin with secretions. However, I was looking in a library book a while ago and it said something like: "Most NA species of meloid do not cause blisters; the harmful ones are in the Lyttini/Lyttinae(?)." This caused me to drool in excitement, but I had read on bugguide about fire-colored beetles chewing on Meloe to obtain the poisonous canthardin, despite Meloe not being in any group that starts with lytt. I couldn't find much on non-blistering meloids online. Help? I would really like to keep some captive if I can find any (entomologists have raised larvae on grasshopper eggs and bee provisions, so they are now breedable), but I would appreciate it more if I didn't have to treat them as cautiously as velvet ants.

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