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Roaches and other inverts like their dead leaves. 

The only catch: pesticides are designed for killing insects.



Would plant matter that wild insects have been observed feeding on and walking over for very long periods be guaranteed safe for captives (assuming that the plant in question is a nontoxic and no specialized herbivores are involved)?


Obviously, such plant matter cannot instantly kill them. But might very weak residues harm them over time? Perhaps the local population has evolved tolerance our pets have not?


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Pyrethrin half-life in soil is usually measured in days; if it stays dry (away from microbes) it can last a lot longer.  Diazinon in weeks.  Neonicotinoids, however, may last for years in soil, and DDT is still out there.  There are many kinds that have been used but most of the time its those first two.  Some pesticides do have residuals so repeated low amounts can theoretically do harm.  Personally i don't worry much unless it is from a well tended immaculate lawn, or near a non-organic farm.    I know my yard has been pesticide free for 5 years, and I can tell the worst thing the neighbors use is a flea collar.  

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