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Activity graphs different cockroaches

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After collecting cockroach activity in my collection for more than a year now, I decided to make some graphs. 
Each graph is made up of 505056 datapoints (measurement every 10 seconds for 2 months). 
X-axis: hour of the day
Y-Axis: Activity level and light level in the enclosure. 

Among the most interesting ones are the Therea bernhardti graphs. There you can see how the nymphs are active during the night, in contrast to the day-active adults. 







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20 minutes ago, Xenoblatta said:

This is great!! @stanislas

the change of the circadian rhythm of Therea bernhardti (Adult vs Nymphs) is really interesting!! :-D ¿there was records about this before?

This is great again and congratulations! :-D 

I'm not aware of articles mentioning this, although I suppose I'm not the first to notice this. But none the less, it's a remarkable change in circadian rhythm. 
It also reflects the different survival strategy followed in nymphs (hide and not been seen) vs adults (look like a nasty Anthia sexguttata beetle). 

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