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How many B lateralis needed to start a colony?

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I have seven juvenile tarantulas from 1/2" to 2" long, as a group they eat about 15 pinhead roaches and about 10-12 half grown roaches each week. I have everything set up for a new colony but the roaches. I'm looking at roaches from a seller on ebay, in lots of 100, 200, 350, or 500, mixed sizes of which about 10% are adults (with more females than males) and the rest nymphs, overcount of about 10%. Not sure how many are needed to get a colony up and running, with enough to supply my needs as the colony gets established.

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Lats are my go-to feeder for all my slings, plings and assassins. I'm currently feeding about 30 slings, 10 plings and 30 adult assassins. I would estimate that I have at least 100 producing female B. lateralis, and the colony holds steady in numbers. Hopefully that helps. I would err on the side of too many as you can always feed off the excess. Most of my 2" slings will take adults.

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