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Mushrooms for Hissers?


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Howdy, roach forum! As my nymphs from my thread in “breeding and nymph issues” grow, I’ve been experimenting with their foods to see what they favor! 

The other night I made a pasta with some sliced baby bella mushrooms, so before bed, I dumped a leftover handful or so of raw mushroom bits in my feeding dish. I woke up this morning and they were all gone! I only found one small piece that has shriveled up slightly as mushrooms do. 

I know they’re roaches and can eat about anything but I got to wondering....

So are these mushrooms safe for my bugs? They seem to really enjoy it, more than their normal carrots, apples, celery, etc. but I don’t want them to get some type of disease or fungus from the mushrooms. Not entirely sure that could even happen, but well, that’s why I’m here! Can I continue letting them munch on mush? Or should I limit/not allow them to have it at all? 

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I feed my hissers and Lucihormetica a range of grocery store mushrooms, but not as standard fare. Just be sure it's organic so they're pesticide free. I don't remove the excess as my hissers have a pretty reliable clean-up crew (Little Kenyans with A. diaperinus or T. tomentosa). I did once leave mushroom leftovers in with my glow spots for a bit too long and unexpectedly developed a thriving silver springtail culture, which was a very nice bonus. 

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