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Best hygrometers?


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I'm looking to add at least one hygrometer to my bug room. I've seen a few reasonably priced and decently reviewed analog hygrometers online, but are they accurate enough for roaches? I'm looking at analog as it would be great to have one in each humid roach enclosure, but my gut says digital is the way to go - but I could only afford a few at the moment. Thoughts? Anyone have a brand/model to recommend of either version?

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I used to sell Accurite digital thermo/hygrometers on ebay.  It was also available at Walmart and a little cheaper than this similar model https://www.walmart.com/ip/Digital-Thermometer-4-1-2-H-2-1-2-W-ACURITE-00219CA/896347  

I also used the digital one for incubating eggs and it did fine.  I had one sitting next to an analog and the analog always seemed way off.  Since I had boxes of the digitals, I didn't bother with any other analogs.  

I have another accurite I kept in the rabbit tent and it has survived a lot of mistreatment, being covered with dirt, rabbit poop, rained on, snowed on etc https://www.walmart.com/ip/THERMOMETER-DIGTL-LCD-ACU-RITE/33347929 

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I have found most hygrometers to be very unreliable. I think you will see this trend in reviews.

I use a cigar box hygrometer. I think I have three of them now between home and work. https://www.amazon.com/Cigar-Oasis-Caliber-Digital-Hygromter/dp/B00JXOKQVW/ 

This hygrometer works great. It also can be calibrated, but at least so far, new hygrometers have not needed calibration. They are accurate and consistent. I highly recommend them if humidity is important.

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