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Something to eat compostable paper plates?

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We have these paper plates that we use sometimes, and they say "COMPOSTABLE" in big letters on the package. Elsewhere, they say something about how they're only compostable in a commercial facility, which "may not exist in your area". 

It makes me wonder, what with how voracious some roaches are, could any of them be kept to eat these plates? Not just plates, of course, they'd get other food, but I'm wondering about a specific thing. The plates absorb moisture, so I wonder if they could be sprayed with some sort of broth for flavoring and nutrition, then fed to the roaches, along with supplemental things. 

Is there anything that's particularly happy to eat cardboard, and would love to be fed flavored cardboard, food scraps, and some occasional cat food? I know orange head roaches are greedy. 

The goal here would just be to turn the plates (and food scraps) into compost, not to raise particularly nutritious feeder roaches or anything, though I'm sure extras from the colony could be removed, gutloaded, and fed to something.

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I think nearly any species will bite a bit those paper plates if you use them to serve their food.... depending on how big your colony is, the plates will disappear (or not).

...I can only tell you, I use a mixed Pycnoscelus spp. colony for blatti-composting, and they are crazy eaters 😄 I'm a little careless with them and occasionally throw used food napkins in and they just eat it all (slower than real food, but they still eat it...).

21 hours ago, Betta132 said:

The goal here would just be to turn the plates (and food scraps) into compost

Maybe you could grind these dishes with real food? I think that would accelerate their consumption, provide a lot of fiber and I guess wouldn't be toxic for them... 😉 

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Oh, yeah, I've heard they'll eat everything. The couple I have certainly seem fine eating the houseplant leaves I put in the container with them.

How many do you need to really get an actual food scrap disposal going? 

Is there anything (aside from toxic fruit seeds and onions, I know those) that they shouldn't be fed? 

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I was talking to some entomologists, who used to have an orange-headed roach colony (it is now mine). They once put in a shirt, and the roaches did a good job over a few weeks! Therefore, I think they will have no problem with the plates. 

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