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Best protein source for healthy PET hissers?


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Hey guys, I'm sorry to bother you all asking a question that has probably been answered 100 times on here but here goes...

I have 3 adult G. oblongonota and will be getting 2 E. Javanica in the next day or so.  These guys will be pets only, not feeders.  I have no problem with understanding and providing a good diet as far as fresh fruits and vegetables are concerned.  On the other hand, there is a lot of confusing information out there for a beginner like myself as far as protein sources and percentages are concerned. 

First I was investigating high quality dog foods and fish flakes but that seems frowned upon by some for containing too high of a percentage of protein.  Now I am looking at the roach chow from Josh's Frogs, which sits at about 15% protein.  The cost of this food is not an issue if it would be a healthier option.  Is the high protein/additives a problem for pet roaches health in general, or only for those that will be used as feeders?  I'm kind of confused here and any advice would be greatly appreciated!  I'm just trying to give these guys the best diet and longest life possible.  

Thank you in advance.  -Justin



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It seems that most of the people who say to stay away from animal sources for protein are people who use roaches as feeders. If you read threads in here from people who keep roaches as pets then you will notice that most of them use dog food. Personally, I use a blend of seeds, nuts, and dried fruits. I always have these things on hand because of my diet, so I grind them up in a coffee grinder and feed it to the roaches.

I don't know if anybody has done an actual study on how much protein is too much protein. If I remember correctly someone once posted an interview with a scientist that breeds roaches and he said that about 4% protein is all they need. But, hobbyists have been using dog food for years and it doesn't seem to have a negative effect on the roaches. Or at least nobody has noticed a negative effect to report to other hobbyists.

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Thank you for the info Longhorn.  Yeah, I actually read that interview on here and it further confused me lol.  That's what I was gathering from what I had read so far - the protein debate between pets and feeders - but I didn't want to assume, being new to this.  Today I ground up a mix of tropical fish flakes, organic mixed nuts, and oats.  Hopefully they'll be as stoked on this as when I drop rose leaves in at night.  Thanks again!  

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