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German cockroach question


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I live in apartment and I believe there is a big german cockroach problem. I, before living here, have never seen a cockroach and now after 8 months I just saw the 4th one. I don’t know anything about them, or their behaviors besides they like dirty and come out at night. However yesterday a baby one crawled across my kitchen floor at about 4pm w the kitchen lights on. I did kill it, I have babies crawling around on the floors so its not safe. This morning around 10am there was one in my sink, an adult that crawled out from my empty dish strainer. I haven’t seen one since I found a dead adult in June, I just reorganized and cleaned my place top to bottom last week took everything out of the cupboards, scrubbed all my cupboards and have never seen any signs of an infestation or having more “permanent” room mates. Im not going to lie Im freaked out. Why are they coming out in the middle of the day??? Does this seem like someone else has the problem and they're traveling to me??? That’s all I could think..it’s odd behavior from what I know

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